Gimhae-Harvard Biomaging Center

FIAT-L Imaging Systems : NAWOO VISION

FIAT-L Technical Specifications
Effective pixel 640H x 480V
Pixel size 7.4 mm x 7.44m
Effective image area 4.736 mm x 3.552mm
Image sensor SHARP 1/3inch Progressive scan 3CCD R,G channel: Image sensor Monochrome sensor B channel: Bayer color sensor
Pixel clock interval 60MHZ
Image frame rate image 5, 10, 20, 30 - MAX 100 (fps)
Working distance 250 to 300 mm
Field-of-view H125 x 195 to H170 x V125 (mm)
Zoom Manual (Zoom X10)
Excitation light source Laser diode Excitation 660 or 760 nm
Laser power 1 to 10 (mW/cm2) at 300 mm distance
Fluence sensitivity <5 nm
White light brightness 5,500lux
Dynamic range (bits) 12
Operating conditions -0°C~+40°C
Laser class Class 3
Laser IEC 60601-1